Kerbal Freelancers KSP DMP Server KSP

Kerbal Space Program - Dark Multiplayer

Because exploring space is more fun when you have someone else to laugh at.

You may click here to download the required mods if you don't have them yet.


  1. Ensure you have the latest version of KSP installed. (Version 1.3)
  2. Download the required mod(s) and install them. You're welcome to use CKAN.
  3. You may have other mods (not listed) installed but you may not be able to launch your vessel if you use parts from other mods and my have other issues.
  4. Only the mods listed on our download page are supported.
  5. Please prefix your vessel names with your username initials to prevent confusion among players. For example, if your username is Epic KSP Player and you make a vessel called Epic Lander, name it something like EKP_Epic Lander.
The address to use for our KSP DMP server is
You may click here to see screenshots uploaded by our players.